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The Evolution of PEO Sales Training

Developing Sales People.

Growing Sales Leaders.

Training is one thing, Applying it is everything.

Investing in sales people and sales leaders is expensive.  Even more expensive are unproductive sales people and sales leaders. The MasterClass Programs employs a team of experts, modern learning methods, and ongoing coaching - all aimed at providing PEO sales professionals with the information, tools, and coaching necessary for success.


We Believe:


  • We believe many sales professionals have the capability to be successful in the PEO industry but are often unsuccessful because organizations lack the resources, time, structure or know-how to develop them.  The PEO MasterClass Program develops effective sales people and sales leaders.

  • We believe developing successful sales people and sales leaders requires classroom training and ongoing coaching.  The PEO MasterClass sets the foundation in the classroom, reinforces it with interactive online content, and ensures that they can apply it in the real-world with ongoing coaching support.

The MasterClass Sales Program  Turning traditional training on its head... it all starts by learning how to have business conversations.  The participants first learn about real business issues facing prospective buyers - taught by CEOs, labor attorneys and HR professionals as well as PEO sales experts.  Only after they understand business owners’ perspectives and motivations do they learn product knowledge, lead generation strategies, sales process execution, and how to present a compelling solution. 

The MasterClass for Sales Leaders is for experienced sales leaders looking to take their organization and sales teams to the next level.  PEO sales leaders learn the strategies, tactics, and skills needed develop new markets, forecast revenue, create consistently productive sales teams, and coach people to achieve more than they ever thought possible.

The MasterClass is REINVENTING LEARNING through our PEO/HRO specific curriculum.   Our programs are built on the information gathered from the Top 1% of PEO sales people and sales leaders.  The MasterClass goes beyond classroom theory.

"The MasterClass gave me more insights and tools than I developed on my own in the past 6 years."

VP, Sales - 12,000 WSEs

"The MasterClass Program helped me rewire how I think about sales.  I now have business conversations instead of sales conversations... and I just had my best year "

PEO Sales Rep



02/18 - 02/21

Westshore Grand
4860 West Kennedy Blvd.
Tampa, FL 33609

MAY 2020

05/04 - 05/07

Westshore Grand
4860 West Kennedy Blvd.
Tampa, FL 33609


08/10 - 08/13

Westshore Grand
4860 West Kennedy Blvd.
Tampa, FL 33609



Bringing Practical Knowledge and Insight
Ray Dile

MasterClass Head Coach

24 Years PEO Sales & Executive Leadership Experience

Troy Reynolds
Troy Reynolds

MasterClass Coach

24 Years PEO Sales Experience

MasterClass Coach

24 Years PEO Sales Experience

Shawn Bennett

MasterClass Coach

30 Years Leadership Development

& Coaching Experience

Doug Drosin

MasterClass Coach

20 Years Sales & Sales

Management Experience


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