Proven Sales Leadership. Practically Applied.

A Lifetime of Experience

The PEO Sales Leader MasterClass is the only program designed to develop business leaders and instill the knowledge, skills and regimens that develop consistently productive salespeople in the PEO / HRO industry.

The MasterClass goes beyond classroom theory.   Participants are trained and coached by proven PEO sales and leadership experts, who have mastered the craft of strategically building markets, installing consistent sales processes, finding and developing talent, coaching effectively and beating sales targets.


The Leadership Masterclass is REINVENTING LEARNING through our PEO/HRO specific curriculum.    Our blended learning approach mixes a fundamentals workshop, live virtual programs with ongoing in-market coaching to insure results are achieved.  The leaning happens in the street and we are there demonstrating everything we teach.  

"The MasterClass gave me more insights and tools than I developed on my own in the past 6 years."

VP, Sales - 12,000 WSEs

"The VP of Business Development has certainty evolved - He talks and thinks like an owner and the team has never been more productive."

CEO - 5,000 WSEs

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