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What is "The Ceiling"?

Healthy sales departments reach a point when performance plateaus, or even drops.

We call this “hitting the ceiling.” If you’ve hit the ceiling, then what you have been doing isn’t going to get you where you want to go. Something has to change.

The ceiling is the point where you’re doing more than simply surviving, but you’re no longer growing. Hitting the ceiling is inevitable for any team that’s approaching greatness.

Hitting the ceiling can happen a lot of ways. You may have reached your capacity as a leader, your team may be at their activity capacity (if this really exists). You might have limited resources to train your sales department (PEO MasterClass is an option), or your reporting and analytics might be lacking. Whatever it is that’s caused you to hit the ceiling, you need to address the root cause. Breaking through these barriers to get to the next level will allow your team a shot at joining the top 1% of sales producers.

Remember, there’s always another level of greatness to attain. It doesn’t stop. There’s no limit on how much expertise you can have. You and your team can become as knowledgeable and effective as you want, and as long as you’re willing to invest the time. In fact, the only way you’ll be able to get your sales to the next level is if you’re willing to invest the time.

So yes, the ceiling is real. But it isn’t permanent. It’s always shifting. And breaking through it will enable sales in a way you may have never experienced before.

We’ll be writing more soon on how to overcome sales hurdles and this thing known as “the ceiling,” so keep in touch.

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