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25 Free Marketing Tools to Use Now to Level Up

What are you trying to accomplish?

Better Organization
  1. Asana Keep track of all your projects across teams, and delegate efficiently. Following up is easy with automated reminders and in-app conversation spaces. Reporting is robust and the whole system is easily tailored to your work style.

  2. Dropbox Share a single space for files, and always know where to find whatever it is you’re looking for. Dropbox offers everything from simple file linking to complex team permissions. Snappy native apps make file management simple.

  3. Slack Slack gives everyone a place to get their notifications, communications, file updates, and more. Customize with whatever apps your team needs most.

Better Keywords
  1. Google Keyword Planner Build search campaigns with keyword insights right from Google. Choosing the right keywords will get your ads in front of the right audience.

  2. Answer the Public This impressive (and outrageously fun) tool can visualize some of the most searched for phrases, and give you what you need to create new content that people actually want to consume.

  3. SpyFu Find out what your competition’s most profitable keywords are in both paid and organic searches, and use them to your advantage.

Better Social
  1. Hootsuite Take the pain out of social calendars by batching your tasks. Tools like Hootsuite and Buffer are designed to make advance scheduling a breeze. They also offer some pretty robust reporting and monitoring features that allow you to keep up with engagement.

  2. Adobe Spark Create powerful graphics, animations, and videos with Spark’s easy interface that conforms designs to your brand’s standards with a click.

  3. Crowdfire If you struggle to produce enough content to satisfy your social feed needs, Crowdfire is for you. Crowdfire learns what your audience wants, and helps you deliver.

Better Writing
  1. Grammarly Like an English teacher in your keyboard. Grammarly can even integrate with your email program to make your writing better no matter where you’re typing.

  2. Hemingway More in-depth analysis of longer materials like blog posts, articles, and more. Hemingway shows you readability improvements you can make.

  3. CoSchedule Analyzer Headlines are the most powerful part of an article. Make sure you’re getting the most out of your headline with this headline analyzer.

Better Emails
  1. Subject Line Tester Figure out if your subject line is going to increase your open rate or your unsubscribe rate before you send your campaign.

  2. MailChimp Customize email campaigns, create follow ups, and more. Intense reporting lets you drill down to whatever level of detail you need. Integrates with almost everything, and makes adding forms to your website a couple of clicks away.

  3. Hubspot Email Sig Generator Up the professionalism of your email correspondence. Get yourself and your team on the same page when it comes to how you look in an inbox. It’s easy to create customized email signatures with Hubspot’s awesome (and FREE) generator.

  4. Spam Tester This easy to use tool exposes security issues with your emails before you ever hit send. Make sure your campaigns can pass this spam tester.

Better Website
  1. Google PageSpeed Get Google’s recommendations for speeding up your site and improving your search rankings across all devices.

  2. Mixpanel Track your visitor behavior and get a better understanding for how people are using (or NOT using) your site.

  3. Website Grader Spot problems with your site using your results from Website Grader. Get a report on what your next steps should be if you want to make improvements.

Better Ideas
  1. Google Trends What are people curious about? Get ideas for blog topics and more by checking out search trends, straight from the source.

  2. Feedly Puts relevant feeds in one location, so you can browse productively and see what’s important to you. Catch trends before they happen, and create content faster.

  3. Portent Have more fun coming up with better ideas using Portent’s famous content idea generator. Pick a topic and go!

Better Leads
  1. Zoho CRM Zoho CRM is just one of a powerful suite of tools that gives you the data and capabilities you need to grow. There’s even an AI-powered sales assistant.

  2. Freshworks Drive engagement and performance with technology. Freshworks makes it easier to reach customers and track the experience.

  3. ConvergeHub Generate leads from social media, and clarify them with features like notes and tasks. Translating contact info from social media made simple.

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